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If you need us to access your computer to help you, click on the following link to download the remote control tool. Run the application, and write down the ID and password.

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Stages in the life of a software

Support will accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of the tool.

If we look at the duration of each of the stages, we see that support is the longest lasting stage. Therefore, we must analyze the costs it may have.
Sometimes we evaluate the purchase of a program, looking at the low purchase price, without stopping to think that it may hide, for example, high maintenance costs. At ASM we are transparent, and you will always know in advance the costs that your project will have.


The company is analyzed. The program is customized and installed. Users are trained. Duration: 1 to 2 months.


Processes are reviewed and the application is adjusted. Users become familiar with the procedures. Duration: 1 to 2 months


Users already know the application. We must train new users. New needs appear, the program evolves. Duration: Years

ASM support

Our differential value

Key point

For us, support is the most important service. Having a close support team, with knowledge and experience and oriented to solve doubts is essential.

We believe it is important to evolve with the tool, so that it does not distance itself from the real needs of the company.

Continuous training is necessary to mitigate the loss of information due to staff turnover.

Experienced Team

When we are working and we have a question, we need the person attending us to know what we are talking about. We believe that there is nothing more unpleasant than to realize that the person attending us is not sure of the solution or seems to be reading it from a manual. At ASM, the people who provide support are the most experienced and have been with us the longest.

Documented incidences

Any incident received, either by phone or email, is registered in our system. You will always receive a report of the status of your incident, you will be able to know through a management panel the status of your incidents or the duration. This gives us the assurance that we always solve the questions you ask us.

Continuous training

With our support you will have constantly updated manuals to consult the most frequent doubts or to see the operation of options that perhaps until now you did not need. You will never again have the impression that your program can do more things than you were taught and that you don't know how to use it.